About Jacquie

Jacquie is my beloved dead bunny.  It may not be obvious given her tough-looking exterior, but inside, she is a sweet and gentle soul. She is easygoing and has a calm demeanor.

Jacquie may be dead, but she’s cute. She’s skull and bones, but round and soft to touch. A study in contrasts, much like I am myself sometimes.

Before I had Jacquie, there was a period in my life when I had felt a void, a vague longing, for a scary plush. Everyone goes through that phase, right?…  Anyway, I may have gotten the twisted idea in my head after seeing the toys in Misa’s room (from Death Note).  But there was a problem; all the scary plushies I’d seen, including Misa’s, just weren’t cute enough.

My sister Alice and I happened to come across Skelanimals while attending the New York Comic Con in 2008; and they were certainly cute enough to fit the bill.  Unfortunately, the best ones that seemed to be available were dogs. So I hesitated.  I’d had some dog plushies in the past, but I didn’t feel any special connection to them, the way I did to my bunnies, for instance. But I did need a scary plushie. Was I really going to pass up this opportunity?

By the time we got back around to the booth again, all the dog Skelanimals were gone!  All that appeared to be left were bears and monkeys.  I was crushed.  My sister, who probably had no understanding of why I even wanted such a thing, then took it upon herself to persistently scour through every single plush on the counter and behind, in hopes of finding a puppy. Mind you, they all looked kind of the same at only a glance. Alice finally thought she spotted one hanging near the top on the back wall, so she asked the attendant to bring it down. When I looked at it, I couldn’t believe my eyes; it wasn’t a puppy at all, it was a bunny! A perfect scary-plush bunny!  And like that, my life was complete!

I am forever grateful to Alice for bringing Jacquie to me, for not giving up that day, and for not judging me.

Jacquie is proud to join Bini in our own little exclusive bunny club blog!

– Joanna