About Bini


Bini (pronounced BEE-nee) is a Russ HomeBuddy bunny who, one day, caught the eye of her eventual adoring human, Alice.  Alice was not normally drawn to bunnies, which are generally the purview of her sister Joanna (most of Alice’s stuffed animals are bears and, for live house animals, she prefers puppies), but Bini managed to charm her through her sheer embodiment of all of Alice’s ideals of cuteness.

On coming home, Bini took her rightful place as lord of the realm.  She prefers to be addressed as Bini-sama (Japanese for “Lord Bini”), or, simply, King Bini.  She became the muse for her human, and spends most of her day being adored, snuggling with her sweetheart, BrownBunny, and hunting for gold.  Occasionally she likes to put on her dragon costume and terrorize the Playmobil villagers.

Bini is pleased to collaborate with Jacquie to bring you this blog.  (Bini allows Alice to ghost-write all of her contributions.)

Above, Bini is outfitted in her Gimli costume, Gimli being her favourite character from The Lord of the Rings, and a character for whom she feels a deep affinity.