3 stars (out of 4)

Released 2016

When her idyllic homeland becomes blighted by a spreading curse, the Chief’s daughter sets out on a quest to find the fallen hero who triggered the curse, and make him correct his wrongdoing.

The early part of the film was my favourite because it was so insanely cute! Pua the adorable pig, the little sea turtle, and baby Moana! Hnnngg!

The rest of the movie played out like a pirate adventure starring a capable heroine. It was somewhat predictable, but satisfactorily enjoyable nonetheless.

Another highlight was the animated/moving tattoos covering Maui’s body, which not only looked impressive, but was literally a character of its own.

I felt pretty meh about most of the soundtrack; not because it was bad, only that it was just not my kind of music.



3 stars (out of 4)

Released 2016

I didn’t actually know anything about SING until I read an article about the voice actors who were working on the Japanese dub for the film. So while on my recent overseas flight, I decided to watch this American film in Japanese, with English subtitles, just because I could.

Overall, it was pretty funny and entertaining; and the animation looked great. I probably empathized most with Ash, the little rocker porcupine. But it was the way that Johnny, the sweet-voiced gangster gorilla, juggled his new career with the family business that really made my jaw drop.

I didn’t care for Mike, the talented but arrogant mouse, much at all. And the main character, enterprising koala Buster Moon, was a good guy; but some of the stuff he did was in fact illegal, which left me feeling a little uneasy.

Bittersweet (Nigakute Amai)

nigakute amai

2.5 stars (out of 4)

Released 2016 in Japan

In this live-action adaptation of a manga by Kobayashi Yumiwo, a young woman begins to put her life together, nutritionally as well as emotionally, after moving in with a vegetarian guy who cooks good. They probably should have included recipes for all the food porn.


Mission Impossible rogue nation

3.5 stars (out of 4)

Released 2015

I missed my chance to see this film when it was in theatres. I finally managed to catch it during my recent flight home from Tokyo; and I enjoyed it a lot. It was funny right off the bat, followed by a stunning plot twist! The thrilling action and humour carried over during the rest of the movie as well.

Honestly, I can’t remember much about the previous installments of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and whether they were the same way, but I really liked how flawed and fallible Ethan Hunt was shown to be. Other characters were questioning the soundness of his motives and his methods. Although his successes were certainly due in part to his exceptional skill and determination, if it weren’t for his reliable comrades and plain good luck, none of it would have been possible; and that was made obvious.

Props to Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment system, which is vastly improved from just a few years ago. Navigation is easy and pages load quickly. I was watching in English and it was possible to turn the subtitles on. This is especially useful as sometimes it is hard to hear in a noisy environment like a plane cabin. That said, the dialogue and sounds seemed pretty clear through my earphones anyway, a credit to both the film and the system probably.